Help the #AjudeoBerçário Campaign!

The #AjudeoBerçário Campaign seeks financial support to renovate the nursery of seedlings of the urban intervention movement Canteiros Coletivos, located in Salvador, the capital of Bahia state, Brasil.

Since 2012, when Canteiros Coletivos started to plant and make urban art in public areas of Salvador, a house offers its yard to the donation and reproduction of plants and to host volunteer’s meetings.

In five years, and after much care and dedication, a small green oasis with several flowering, fruit and edible plants was formed in the place: The Nursery.

But because the house is old, it has serious structural problems such as cracked walls, old electrical wiring, leaks, loose pipes, among other shortcomings, and the risk of causing accidents.

Your help is essential for the house to work, the nursery continues existing and the movement continues to take these plants to the streets of the city.

If you live out of Brasil, you can donate through paypal button in the fanpage of Canteiros Coletivos:

In addition, please spread this idea through our social media and help us have the chance to inspire many others to take care of their street and neighborhood.